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My Blackout

My Blackout® Portable Window Blind

My Blackout® Portable Window Blind

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My Blackout® is an Australian-designed portable blind that blocks 100% light. It features heavy-duty suction cups that stay on all night, eliminating frequent falls and frustration. This ensures uninterrupted sleep over inferior alternatives, creating the perfect sleep environment.

🛡️ Heavy-Duty Suction Cups for Superior Hold
☀️ Wake up feeling at peace and rested
🪟 Designed for standard Australian window size
🌿 Eco-friendly & OEKO® certified


  • 100% OEKO-TEX® certified quality non-toxic and free from harmful substances
  • x4 Super strong Heavy Duty suction cups which are BPA free
  • Insulated window blind to keep the cold out and heat in
  • 100% UV protection


  • Each portable blind measures 200cm in width x 121cm in height (2000mm x 1210mm). This is the equivalent of 2 metres in width and 1.21 metres in height.
  • Modular design that adjusts to fit different window sizes.
  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical hanging.

Suction Cup Details

  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Designed for daily use with a superior hold that competitors can't match.
  • Unmatched Suction Strength: Surpasses typical suction cups in both adherence and longevity.
  • Clean and Clear Removal: Leaves no residue, maintaining a pristine window surface.

Care Instructions

You can find all care instructions on the inner care tag My Blackout Blind, however standard care options for our My Blackout Blind are as follows:

  • Hand / machine wash using cold to warm water (40°c maximum is suggested) If machine washing, ensure a gentle cycle is selected
  • Use only very mild detergents (approved for wool/polyester)

  • Do not tumble dry avoid mixing with other colours

  • Do not iron If you really want to best preserve the woven fabric of the My Blackout Blind for as long as possible, we recommend hand washing it in cold water
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  • Improve Sleep Hygiene

  • Keep the cold out, thermal insulated

  • Complete Darkness

  • Built for Australian Windows

  • Fast Free Shipping

comparison with other blinds

My Blackout Blind vs. Other Blinds

No light will ever penetrate - tested on a 13Watt Max Led Light.

Lights out now!
Modular Design
Modular Design
 4 Heavy Duty Strong suction cups
4 Heavy Duty Strong suction cups
 Fast installation
Fast installation
 No tools required
No tools required
 OEKO-TEX® certified
OEKO-TEX® certified
 Blocks 100% of light
Blocks 100% of light
 8 Strong supporting Velcro Strips
8 Strong supporting Velcro Strips

The Perfect Solution

Whether you need total control of light for your bedroom, apartment, or nursery room, My Blackout Blind eliminates light gaps by seating the fabric within the side tracks, so there’s no light leakage at the bottom or sides of your window.

  • Step 1

    Place our Heavy Duty suction cups around the perimeter of your window

  • Step 2

    Improve stability with our strong Velcro Strips on window and blind

  • Step 3

    Pack away the blind and take it with you!


    Superior Hold, Zero Disturbance Suction Cups

    Our heavy-duty suction cups stay on all night, eliminating frequent falls and frustration.

    30-Second Install, Holds Strong

    Innovative design that can darken a room in seconds

    Blocks Light Bleeds, Easily

    The product includes Velcro strips for extra adhesive support, effectively blocking light leaks on any surface.


    Weak Suction Cups, Frequent Falls and Frustration.

    Cheap blinds with low-quality suction cups that often lose grip, leading to disruptive reattachments and sleepless nights.


    Dependable curtain rods need tools and are not renter friendly

    Intended Light Bleeds

    Typical curtain rods create light bleeds on the top and sides.


    Temporary Fixes, Constant Falls

    Inadequate adhesives mean more midnight blind crashes.

    Tape, etc.

    Duct tape and thumb tacks are not dependable.

    Mileage May Vary

    Difficult to block light bleeds with DIY solutions.

  • Eco friendly

    OEKO-TEX® Approved. Super-strong woven fabrics and free from nasty chemicals

  • Fall asleep faster

    Blocks out 100% of all light helping to get a good night's sleep

  • Our guarantee

    100% money back guarantee


How fast is the blind installation?

Takes less than 1 minute if you are attaching it to a flat window. Each My Blackout Blind also comes with super-grade velcro strips for additional support for all types of window designs.

Would this fit my window?

The portable blinds modular design allows for easy adjustment to fit windows up to 200 cm (2 metres wide) and 121 cm (1.21 metres high). They can be aligned horizontally or vertically, offering flexibility for various window sizes and orientations.

Will the blind block 100% of light?

When you have hung up the blind correctly, it will compeltely block 100% of the light.

Does the suction cup stick to all window surfaces?

Our suction cups work best on non-porous, flat surfaces. This ensures optimal stickiness and effectiveness, particularly on materials like glass. However, sticking our suction cups to uneven surfaces can be challenging. This is especially true for heritage building windows, which often feature etching, painting, or embossed designs. The irregularities on these surfaces make it difficult to achieve a strong, airtight seal, thus reducing the effectiveness of our suction cups. To accommodate this, the blinds come equipped with 8 velcro strips, offering additional support and ensuring the blinds stay in place effectively, regardless of surface irregularities.

What makes our suction cups better than the rest?

Most portable blinds have low-quality suction cups that often lose grip, leading to disruptive reattachments and sleepless nights. Our heavy-duty suction cups stay on all night, eliminating frequent falls and frustration. Providing a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

Do the suction cups leave marks or residue on the window surface?

No, our suction cups are designed to leave no marks or residue when removed properly. They provide a clean and clear attachment that won't damage your window surface.

Is the blind eco friendly?

Yes, we're OEKO-TEX® Approved. Super-strong woven fabrics and free from nasty chemicals. Our blinds to not release a chemical smell when the sun hits them as we use a high quality polyester fabric.

Can the blind adhere to any type of wall or surface?

The portable blind is specifically designed for attachment to windows or glass doors, rather than walls. This ensures effective use and proper functionality of the suction cups.

What is approx shipping time?

The delivery time is estimated at 2-4 business days once your order has been processed and dispatched. Opting for express shipping can reduce this timeframe to 1-2 business days.

Can I install them vertically and horizontally?

Yes! Designed for versatility, it adjusts to any window size and can be easily secured with suction cups and Velcro strips for either horizontal or vertical hanging. Fits any window up to 200cm by 121cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I have plantation shutters on the window I wanted to blackout, but with the extra velcro straps I managed to cover the window completely without removing the shutters. The material seems durable. The suction cups are strong and have held for two weeks so far. Peeling off the velcro strap from the wooden window sill does not take paint with it (your material or paint may be different). It is not difficult to install or remove. I wish there was a way to order extra velcro straps and suction cups so the blind can be quickly transferred between two prepared windows. Shipping was extremely fast.

Jessie Crettenden
Doesn’t let in even a tiny bit of light!

The blind is so lightweight and easy to install - perfect for my kids room in our rental! It’ll definitely be coming with us on any family holidays to make sure my kids sleep in. My only gripe is I wish I had discovered this right when my first baby was born!!

Love this blockout blind!

Love how easy this blind is to install perfect for travel or moving to different rooms when my partner has night shift work! It blocks out so much light and makes the room feel cooler and cozy.

Carly Addison-Edgar
Best temporary block outs!!

I’ve tried many block out blinds and this brand is by far my favourite! Literally took me a couple minutes to install and so easy to take down when I want to open the window for some fresh air.

Paige hodges
Work a dream

Love these curtains. They completely block out the light and help protect my room from uv seeping in. Highly recommend.