Tools you'll need to measure up!

  • 1-2 people
  • less than 2 minutes
  • a pen and some paper
  • measuring tape
  • your step ladder

Steps to install..

1. Measure inside your window frame (recess fit)

  • Measure the width of the recess (the space inside the window frame) from one side to the other.

2. Measure the height of your window frame

  • Measure the height of the recess (internal) window.

3. Attach our Heavy-duty Suction Cups

  • Ensure that the surface where the suction cups will stick is flat, clean, and smooth.This is crucial for the suction cups to really grip the window.
  • If the blind doesn't fit perfectly or the suction cups don’t stick properly, adjust the positioning or try re-cleaning the window surface.

Test the fit and adjust so there is no light leaks!

Got questions?