• Improve Sleep Hygiene

  • Thermal Efficient

  • Complete 100% Darkness

  • Australian Designed and Owned

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  • Eco friendly

    OEKO-TEX® Approved. Super-strong woven fabrics and free from nasty chemicals

  • Fall asleep faster

    Blocks out 100% of all light helping to get a good night's sleep

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    100% money back guarantee

blocks all the light

Shields 100% of light

Most “blackout” curtains are not truly blackout, they are made with woven fabric that blocks anywhere from 75-90% of light. We put a typical blackout curtain fabric to the test with a 13-Watts Max Led Light. It took 3 layers of blackout curtains to match the My Blackout Blind's 100% blackout fabric.

Our 100% blackout fabric is now available, designed to create the ultimate dark, cozy, and tranquil environment for sleep. Embrace the benefits of complete darkness and enhance your night's rest for both you and your family with the power of our blackout fabric.

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  • Love our My Blackout Blind

    “We’re extremely happy with our blind from the first night we slept. We would recommend that if anyone is looking to remove all triggers of light and reflection to buy this Blackout Blind.”

    Finally deep sleep - Matthew C.

    “The new Blackout Blind is amazing and exceeded all my expectations. I love how easy it is to help me fall asleep."

    No longer annoyed by a sudden sensitivity to light - Tinh V.
  • Sleep and our circadian rhythm is influenced by the light dark-cycle.

    "My Blackout blind is fantastic for removing any man-made lights from entering the bedroom at nighttime."

    Lachlan Mullen - Naturopath Biophilia Health.

Winning sleep routine

As we know that darkness increases the body’s production of melatonin, the darker the room, the deeper and better your sleep cycle will become. You can reset your circadian rhythm (or internal body clock) which will promote consistent and restorative sleep for you, every single night. Using the My Blackout blind you will find that you are feeling better every time you wake up.

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comparison with other blinds

My Blackout vs. Other Blinds

No light will ever penetrate - tested on a 13Watt Max Led Light.

Lights Out Now!