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The Velcro stickers don’t last long and there are only two sets so they’ll only be good for your house and one other location. Would be better if they were reusable and better adhesion.

I have plantation shutters on the window I wanted to blackout, but with the extra velcro straps I managed to cover the window completely without removing the shutters. The material seems durable. The suction cups are strong and have held for two weeks so far. Peeling off the velcro strap from the wooden window sill does not take paint with it (your material or paint may be different). It is not difficult to install or remove. I wish there was a way to order extra velcro straps and suction cups so the blind can be quickly transferred between two prepared windows. Shipping was extremely fast.

Doesn’t let in even a tiny bit of light!

The blind is so lightweight and easy to install - perfect for my kids room in our rental! It’ll definitely be coming with us on any family holidays to make sure my kids sleep in. My only gripe is I wish I had discovered this right when my first baby was born!!

Love this blockout blind!

Love how easy this blind is to install perfect for travel or moving to different rooms when my partner has night shift work! It blocks out so much light and makes the room feel cooler and cozy.

Best temporary block outs!!

I’ve tried many block out blinds and this brand is by far my favourite! Literally took me a couple minutes to install and so easy to take down when I want to open the window for some fresh air.

Work a dream

Love these curtains. They completely block out the light and help protect my room from uv seeping in. Highly recommend.

Great value and timely shipping

This is an incredible product and it does a brilliant job blocking out both light and heat. Really good value.

My Blackout Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

Comfortable and blocks out all light.
Best one I have tried by far

Insanely fast shipping

I was running out of time to get my girlfriend a gift for Christmas and then a friend recommended the my blackout blinds + eye mask combo.

I figured it would make a great Christmas present as she is very sensitive to light while sleeping and has previously worn an eye mask in the past (before she misplaced it) to get an even deeper sleep.

The order was placed at 11:30am on Monday the 11th of December and it was delivered to my home in Sydney (I believe the company is based in Adelaide) at 10:44am this morning on Tuesday the 12th of December.

That is the fastest interstate delivery I have ever received. Seamless. Christmas saved.

Watch out Bezos, Amazon is being outclassed by my blackout.

Great - comfy and does the job well

I also like that it has space for the eyes so they're not squashed!

Great little mask. (And I am picky.)

Recommend for anyone who needs a temporary blind

The suction cup on the blind is super useful for my new home while I wait for my shutters to be installed. The blind itself is super high quality and blocks out sunlight completely.
Very happy with the product and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a temporary blind solution😄

Simple But Effective

Constantly waking up early due to the sun sneaking in from the sides of my block out roller blind.
This idea is simply genesis. Easy to put up and take down when necessary. My bedroom is in complete darkness and cooler.
Definitely worth the purchase for a better nights sleep.

Perfect but I wish it was longer

The black out curtain was a game changer. Hubby and I sleep a lot better especially because it’s now day light savings. My only complaint is I wish it was longer and/or an option to cut it or order custom lengths.


My wife loves this sleep mask, she goes on and on that it's the best ever!!

Great product, can use some refinement

Great product, works as described. It is essentially a black tarp with Velcro stitched along the edges and suction cups on the corners.

Been using this product for about a week on my bedroom window and these are some issues I have encountered:
- They have stitched both the hook and loop onto the blind which makes folding it away an annoying task as it keeps getting caught on itself.
- The suction cups are too large for my window frame, so it drags down the corners since there's no Velcro to keep it in place, letting light some light into the room. Would love if they could make the suction cups detachable or add a small strip of Velcro on the corners
- The Velcro strips come in a plastic bag that stick to the adhesive and you end up with the Velcro sticking to the bag, small annoyance.

Overall great product that needs a some improvements to be 5/5

Quick delivery easy to use

Perfect when you rent

This was the perfect option for me as I am renting and can take it with me when I leave. Very easy to install and has made a huge difference to the early morning light that used to flood my room, now I can sleep in :)

Improve your sleep to improve your health!

As a clinical naturopath I see a huge difference to my clients health when we implement the correct sleep/wake cycle into their routine and this product has made that so much easier!

A lot more people today live in cities where there is a lot of light pollution whether that’s from street lighting, the house next door, or cars driving past at night.

Having a product like this eliminates the need for any disruption to our sleep cycle caused by bright lights, allowing you to go into a deeper sleep state and wake up the next morning feeling more energised and motivated than before!

Lifechanging!!! I often track my sleep and have noticed a huge difference

Had my blind up for just over a month now and have noticed a huge difference in my sleep quality, it honestly makes such a big difference because the blind I had before has gaps come through from a street light and now I am falling asleep quicker, not having it annoy me
It has also made a huge difference in stopping the sun from glaring into my room which i’ve found beneficial, as it has generally stopped my upstairs bedroom from getting really hot

True Darkness

It has been a delight to be able to sleep in a beautifully dark room and the sleep mask helps with concentration whilst doing my meditations

Improved my total sleep time by a significant by an average 1+ hour consistently each night

Improved my sleep quality and duration I have been using an Oura sleep tracking ring to monitor my sleep quality and duration for a while. Before using this sleep mask, I used to sleep for an average of 6 hours and 20 minutes per night. However, after using it, I noticed a significant improvement in my sleep. My average sleep time increased to 7 hours and 20 minutes per night, and I even had some nights where I slept for 8 hours and 20 minutes. This sleep mask has been a great addition to my sleep routine, as it effectively blocks out any light that might disrupt my sleep and cause me to wake up earlier than I want to. I would highly recommend this sleep mask to anyone who struggles with light pollution and wants to improve their sleep quality and duration

In theory this is a great idea. But there isn't enough suction cups to hold it in place if you don't have a window as massive as the curtain, it probably needs suction cups in between the ones already there. The Velcro is a bit weird as in when you use it to adjust the size it's just there, weighing down the top of the blackout curtain, the velcro probably needs to be on both sides so you can stick the fold to something. I feel like this could be a much better item if it was made a bit better. We're using it for the time being but for my shift working husband it's a bit of a thumbs down.