Warm Up with Thermal Curtains this Winter

Warm Up with Thermal Curtains this Winter

Sunlight without obstruction is suitable for homes in winter so that you can feel the warmth. But when you’re flicking on a film, the lighting can affect the screen composure. That’s why it’s time to invest in galvanising blackout curtains to ensure you don’t miss out on any key film moments.

With thermal curtains, one of the latest trends in window blinds and curtains, the window will no longer be the weakest link in your defence against the cold; it will be your greatest strength. So say goodbye to condensation dripping down your window onto your window sill.

Insulated curtains to keep cold out

Insulated curtains

Buying curtains in winter for insulation isn’t as easy as walking into your local department store and buying what looks like the thickest set of curtains on the floor. Our thermal efficent curtains are 100% polyester woven fabric, and this inlay of materials prevents heat loss for any type of recessed window and circumvents air drafts during winter.

Insulation is anything that “reduces the amount of heat transfer to or from your home”. It is the ‘from’ part that is crucial.

Thermal curtains keep the cold out of home and the heat in, in summer, they keep the heat out too. More than thick curtains for winter or cold weather curtains, thermal curtains are proven to keep you warm.

Thermalogic blackout liner energy saver?

Drafts, that mostly come through windows but also vents, doors and unused fireplaces, account for up to a quarter of a home’s heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer. It is through the prevention of this energy loss, that thermal curtains can save you money and leave you with a bit of spending money in your backpocket.

Through the insulation the thermal curtains provide, thus keeping your home cooler or warmer in regard to the temperature, you will use your heating/cooling system less. Less airflow due to the curtains equals less air conditioner or heating system use which leads to more money.

Thermal Curtains Vs Block-Out Curtains

While both styles of curtains are thicker than the average curtain, they are vastly different in what they achieve for your home.

Basically, block-out curtains are normal curtains with an extra layer in the middle that helps to block the outside sunlight from coming into your room. While they will keep light out of your bedroom, they aren’t going to do anything for the cold breeze wafting through the glass.

Thermal curtains, meanwhile, can block-out the light, as well as dampening outside noise and cold. This is due to the heavily layered nature of the curtains.

Final Verdict

Short answer; thermal lined curtains are better in every way except one. Price.

Curtains with thermal lining have the thermal layers sewn into the curtains, whereas curtains with a thermal backing have the thermal layers glued onto the curtain. This is where the main difference is found.

Both types of curtains will do the job and keep you warm in winter, but the ones with backing are cheaper for a few key reasons. Because they are put together made with glue, the glue degradation means they deteriorate far quicker, they do not sit as well because the lining is just on one side, and are easily damaged due to the separated nature of the thermal layers and normal curtain.

If money is a bit tight or you’re not convinced about thermal curtains and if they will work, one with thermal backing might be the choice for you. My Blackout is an excellent lined curtain choice as it’s portable making it easy to adjust to all sorts of standard windows in your home.

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