How to Wash Block Out Curtains

How to Wash Block Out Curtains

Right next to the amount of Blue Light you take in before bed and reducing noise in your sleeping environment, reducing the light in your room is key to a good night's sleep. Block out blinds are your best bet at blocking out any outside light through your bedroom window.
Unfortunately, at some point, they will need to be washed.

Because they’re so important to a night of healthy sleep and therefore your life, it’s crucial to know how to wash your block out blinds, no matter how you plan on doing it.

Can you wash block out curtains?

While it might seem annoying right now that there is no one-fits-all washing rule for block out curtains, you’re going to want to wait and see what is best for your block out curtains. Just one incorrect wash and your curtains can be irreparably damaged.

The first step to washing your block out curtains is to check the care labelling instructions on your curtains. Before you do anything, take a look at your curtains, find the tag, and read the instructions labelled on it. Brands are required by law “to advise correct and suitable care instructions for your specific fabric”, if your newly purchased product is without one, it would be best to return them so you don’t ruin them and are left with useless curtains.

If you have lost your tag or cut it off without thinking, don’t freak out and throw your curtains in the bin just yet. There is a thorough set of information regarding all kinds of fabrics here, but various brands should have information online as to how to care for your curtains. If you buy block out blinds or curtains from My Blackout, you can easily find their care labelling on their website.

How to wash block out curtains

In the washing machine

A high number of block out curtains cannot be machine washed. This is mainly due to it being rougher than other options, damaging the curtains and wearing away the fabric. For the most part, it is safe to assume that you should never wash block out curtains with hot water in the washing machine. Luckily, some curtains brands like My Blackout can be washed delicately with cold water and a soft detergent.

Handwashing my block out curtains

No matter what kind of block out curtains, handwashing them is always the safest option. There is only so much damage you, soap and a rag can do, and you’re in full control of the pressure used.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • No bleach or any harmful detergent should ever be used
  • While it’s nice to have soft things, your block out curtains aren’t blankets. They don’t need to be soft. It’s a good idea to keep fabric softener away because it can weaken the fabric of the curtains.

Spot Cleaning your block out curtains

How dirty can curtains really get? You aren’t going to be eating ice cream with them wrapped around your shoulders. The answer is more than you think, but if you follow this line of thinking, spot cleaning is a great option.

With this process, you only clean the spots that are noticeably dirty. If you notice a few spots of dirt or muck, just clean those spots, the whole curtain doesn’t need to be cleaned. Again, be mindful of the product you use.

Vacuum Cleaning

Looking to avoid having to take the risk of damaging your curtains by washing them? Then just follow the label instructions. If you just want to let the curtains live their life, then vacuum cleaning is a viable option for you. They don’t need to be the most sparkling things in the house. Nobody is going to enter your house and say “wow, those block out curtains are so clean”.

Pull out the vacuum, carefully drag it across your curtains to get rid of any dust and you’re good to go.

Caring for your Block Out Curtains.

wash block out curtains

Struggling to see the importance of a product's care label? Check out MyBlackOut’s care instructions below.

You will need to check the specific instructions for your product. These are just generally safe instructions for all products. They may not be right for your curtains.

No matter if you select hand or machine washing, do not use hot water. A maximum of 40ºc is the recommended temperature.
Hot water should only be used for the most heavily soiled or damaged items. Huge grease stain on your white shirt? Bacteria-filled clothes? That’s when you use hot water. It isn’t necessary for your curtains.

Only use a gentle cycle if you opt for the machine.
Like you wouldn’t use all the strength in your arm to clean your curtains if hand washing them, you don’t need all the power of your washing machine. A gentle cycle will diligently clean your curtains while treating them carefully.

Do not use any harsh chemicals or detergents.
A good rule of thumb is if it can be used to wash wool or silk, it can be used on your block out curtains. Unless you’re trying to turn your curtains into a cool tie-dye cyberpunk poncho, stay away from bleach.

Steer clear of tumble drying.
It is best to avoid tumble drying. While it might not, there is a chance it could damage them. If possible, always hang dry your curtains. If they must be thrown in the tumble dryer, do it on the gentlest cycle with no heat. Heat and your curtains do not mix.

Do not mix with colours
The black colour of your blackout blinds is pretty key. While a thick fabric can make up for a lighter colour, the darker, the better. Nevertheless, accidentally colouring your curtains in the wash could be fatal to any hope they had of blocking out light. It is always best to wash them on their own, just to be safe.

Do not iron
You’re probably catching on that heat and your block out curtains do not mix. Luckily, unlike washing, you don’t need to iron your curtains at all. While it might be tempting to leave them smooth after a cleaning, it isn’t worth the damage.

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