How To Block Light From Windows With Our Blinds

How To Block Light From Windows With Our Blinds

Tryna’ darken your bedroom?

It’s the new sleep hack that everyone is trying. Quality of sleep is not a fad, the advice is out there, but people are lacking the resources to create a sleep environment that suits you. So, let’s reduce your restless nights, and let’s make your sleep hygiene right again.

A person who has a good night's rest, attaches a portable blackout blind to their window, luckily it’s so easy to set up.

Here are some basic steps to follow.
  1. Measure your bedroom window to ensure the portable blind fits. It can also be folded to fit anything below the actual width. Anything beyond is not recommended. 

  2. Unfold the blind from the package and extend it to map it on your preferred window. 

  3. Firmly lock-in the suction cups to the top corners of the window.

  4. Use the additional velcro for a quick and easy adhesive and permanent fixation.

Our Portable Blind Is Designed for Australian Windows

The standard and most common window size in Australia is 121 X 200 cm. We have crafted our blind to fit this width and anything under. If you are insistent on the overall aesthetic and your window is smaller than the standard Australian width, you can actually fold the blind to fit your window of any size (just not anything above the width).

Say goodbye to exhaustion, you’re going to have the best sleep of your life by blocking out the smallest rays of light. And, your window will be covered and installed in minutes without any hassle.

We do recommend you double-check the size of your window as anything beyond our preferred measurement will be harder to place, but using this guide gives you a great starting point!

Now that you know how to size up your portable blanket, it’s time to go shopping!

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