How much do blockout blinds cost?

How much do blockout blinds cost?

Blockout Blinds are one of the best options on the window covering market; there’s a reason they’re highly sought after and found in almost every home you enter. Why would you opt for blinds that don’t block sunlight when you can purchase blockout window blinds that do?

When it comes to blockout blind prices, they can vary heavily. Whether you align with Marvel’s Thanos and approach with an ‘I’ll do it myself’ attitude or want the easiest, fastest process possible no matter the cost, there is an option for you. Keep reading to see which blockout blinds (or blockout shades!) are the best, at the best price for you.

Price-Changing features of Blockout Blinds

Moderately Blockout Blinds

Like everything, blockout blind prices are impacted by the materials used, how well they work and how simple it is to install them. Roller blinds are the most used window covering by far. Currently in Australia, they make up for almost 80% of window coverings - meaning there are plenty of products to choose from that will fit most standard windows.

However, there are a few things that can impact the price of blinds.

Size and Shape
The size and shape of your window sill can be the difference between walking into Bunnings today and installing your new blockout blinds today, and waiting for professional-made blinds and professional installation.

Materials and Quality
It should come as no surprise that cost can increase based upon the materials you decide to use and how well they work. As well as blocking light, some blinds possess other useful features at extra cost. There is a thorough guide on the fabrics used in blockout blinds and their benefits, but here’s a few popular styles.

  • Bali Thermal ($67)
  • Vibe ($67)
  • Kew ($71.50)
  • Mantra ($79.21)
  • Belice ($95.55)

If your only goal is to find blinds to block the sun, then there are going to be a few issues you encounter in your Blockout blinding journey. If you’re looking to decorate your home while introducing the ability to darken the room when you please, it’s going to be a bit more difficult and more expensive.

Off the shelf: cheapest blockout blind
Depending on the size of the window you wish to cover, you can walk into Bunnings right now and walk out with your blockout blinds for less than $60. Head home, install it quickly yourself, then sit back, relax and enjoy a light-free afternoon. Unfortunately, if this is the option you decide on, there might not be too many of those afternoons. This is the cheapest option for a reason and while it isn’t always the case, cheap blinds are usually cheap for a reason.

Unfortunately, this option isn’t going to last long. Cheap materials can deteriorate quickly. If the material itself doesn’t begin to tear with use, it’s defence against the sun will. It won’t be long until your blockout blinds aren’t doing much blocking.

Fully DIY - Moderately Blockout Blinds
While the first option is DIY in the fact you go to the shop yourself, pick the one you want and install it, this takes it to the next level. While the price in this section is up around the $100-$200 mark, the slight increase in price is worth it.

In a store like Spotlight or online at ‘myblackout’ you can fully customise your blockout blind experience. From the material, to the colour and size, everything is up to you. And, to satisfy your DIY tooth, you still get to install it yourself.

The Professional Experience
This is the one where you get to sit back and let the hard work get done for you. If money is no issue, or you have sophisticated windows that require the eye of a professional, this is the option for you. The only thing you have to get dirty in this scenario is your laptop keyboard as you shuffle through the styles of roller blind, the different materials and their adjacent colours.

As you’d expect, you’ll pay for what you get and this option will cost you upwards of $200 and probably north of $300. Remember, depending on the material you use, the price can quickly increase. Don’t opt in for real wood blinds before releasing it’s going to cost you over $500 a window.

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